Care and Membership Committee chose the following book for this winter’s book discussion: The Quaker Bible Reader edited by Paul Buckley and Stephen W. Angell. The description of the book is: “Thirteen Quakers look at portions of Scripture, describe what they find, and how they found it in order to encourage every Friend to engage the Bible . . . by entering into a dialogue with this ancient book, exploring your own assumptions about God, and deepening your relationship with the divine.”  Buckley writes in the introduction “There isn’t just one way for a Quaker to read scripture. While other religious bodies might have a single, approved set of rules for interpretation, the theological, spiritual, and ethnic diversity within the Religious Society of Friends has spawned an equally wide variety of approaches to scripture approaches that are outwardly different, but each firmly rooted in Quaker faith and practice.”

You may have your own preferred vendor or independent book store which you support and through which you can order a copy. If not, the book is sold on Amazon at a new cost of $19.95. It is not available through the Pendle Hill or Friends General Conference Bookstores.  

Our first discussion will be on Zoom at 4 PM on February 9th at which time we will discuss the introduction, choose the frequency of our meetings and our next meeting date, and select the chapter to be discussed at the next meeting.

Contact Karen-Lee Brofee for further details or help with accessing a book.

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