Update On the London Grove Oak Tree

Our centuries-old London Grove Oak Tree sheltered and inspired generations of Quaker gatherings, kindergarteners, and nature-loving Chester County community members. It was a well-recognized tree that, in 1969, was officially designated as a Pennsylvania Champion White Oak (Quercus alba). Our beloved tree fell gently on a warm and sunny September 19, 2023. We have been greatly touched by the outpouring of sympathy from across the country, and we thank you all.

What is Happening with the Wood?

After our Oak Tree’s fall, many people, companies and organizations volunteered their services. We offer our deep gratitude to all these generous people. We are especially grateful to Hearne Hardwoods for donating their knowledge, time, machines and storage areas for this work.

Our oak tree gifted us with over 52 tons of wood of various sizes.

We have a very limited amount left of the oak tree’s smaller branches. These are appropriate for rustic mementos. The 8’ long branches are located on the Myers-Walton Farm and are available as long as supplies last. Contact Kim Myers for permission to come by and cut a piece for yourself.

oak branches
oak branches

All the larger branches and trunk have now been cut and are drying. When distribution times arrive, we will notify the public of how they may receive a piece of this wood.

Several hundred smaller planks will be available starting the fall of 2025.

medium-sized oak plank
medium-sized oak plank

There are only fifteen of the larger 20’ long planks, which we expect to be dry by fall 2027. Only a few of these are available, and are being reserved for requests from educational or arts organizations.

large oak planks
large oak planks

We do not currently have any offspring of our oak available for planting. In past years our kindergarteners would take small acorn seedlings home, to plant. If you have any offspring, or know where some are, please contact our londongroveclerk@verizon.net

Crafted Items

Many woodcrafters came by to pick up free pieces of the tree and are beginning to craft items from this wood. We are happy to receive images and have set up a webpage where images of various creations are being shared; thank you for your creativity and joy in honoring this tree. We have also set up an area where artisans are sharing photos of wood items that are for sale directly from them (the Meeting itself is not selling anything).

Collecting Stories and Photos

We are touched by the many happy memories of the Oak that people have shared with us. These are memories to be treasured and shared. If you would like to share your memories, please send stories and photos to LondonGroveOakTree@gmail.com  Your stories will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Later publication may include compilation of stories to our website and/or within our library.

    Penn Oak Wood Use (shared images of various creations)

    Shared Photo Album

    Here is our beginning of a photo album, it is a shared Google Photos Album with public view option turned on. It is not the location for the public to upload (stay tuned for details).