Woodworkers, educators and crafters are invited to select free wood and mulch from the fallen 350-year-old, 50-ton London Grove White Oak on

  • Saturday Nov 4: 10-3 and
  • Sunday Nov 5: 12-4.

The majority of the wood being offered on site is 4” and under – sizes appropriate for jewelry and mementos. There will be some boules (wood with bark still on) on site, suitable for larger projects such as bowls. This is the only public opportunity to harvest the small-size wood; any small branches left after that weekend will be mulched.

Larger branches and portions of the 7’ diameter trunk are being stored off-site. They are also available, free of charge, upon application for, and acceptance of, an educational and/or artistic project. Please fill out the application form and liability release form and return to

Release of liability (Word document to be downloaded, signed and submitted)

Updated application document Links to Google document version, people can download as Word or make a copy to their Google Drive to edit and submit. This is shared publicly as view for access, it cannot be edited until downloaded or saved as a personal copy.)

Note: while the wood itself is free, there may be a labor charge for the cutting/milling/planning of wood.

Anyone with information on the location of offspring of the White Oak is requested to send this information to the Commemoration Committee c/o

The large +50-ton oak tree offered its last day of shade on September 19, when it gracefully leaned over and uprooted itself. The tree stood at London Grove Friends Meeting since at least 1682, when as a sapling it was present for William Penn’s visits to the Meeting.

Over the centuries, the great oak served as a ceremonial site for many weddings and celebrations and offered its shade for many silent meetings for worship.

The London Grove Friends Meetinghouse is located at 500 W Street Rd, Kennett Square, PA 19348. Access to the wood is available only at the specified times.

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