A central tenet of Quaker spirituality is often called the “Inner Light” or “That of God” found in every person (John 1.9).  This “Light Within” allows each person to experience the Divine directly, providing guidance, self-understanding, inspiration, and comfort.  Recognizing the Inner Light in others helps us to recognize our connectedness and to overcome differences in a peaceful manner.

Quakers do not have a prescribed form of prayer, and use both silent and spoken prayer to seek closeness to and guidance from the Spirit.  We often speak of holding someone “in the Light,” which is a way of asking for comfort, healing, and spiritual wellbeing for that person. 

Friends read the Bible and a wide variety of other inspirational texts to enrich their spiritual lives.  We do not consider the Scriptures to be the complete and final Word of God.  Rather, we affirm the existence of “continuing revelation,” as we seek the will of God for our time.  We nurture our spiritual growth through a supportive community of seekers in each meeting, and strive to enact it through service in the wider world. To learn more about Quaker spirituality, the resources below are a good starting point.  We also invite you to read more about Quaker Worship and Worship at London Grove Meeting here on our website. 

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