Quakers strive to reflect their faith in daily life through both words and actions.  The Society of Friends is known for its peace testimony, which flows from a commitment to recognize that of God in every person.  We seek to avoid not only physical violence but other forms of coercion.  Quakers have a long history of working to relieve the suffering caused by war.

The peace testimony is the best known of the Quaker SPICES, an acronym that stands for Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Stewardship.  All of these testimonies help us to evaluate our actions.  While our testimonies sometimes put us at odds with popular culture and prevailing opinions, Quakers value constructive participation in public life as one way of creating a more just community. 

Historically, Quakers have placed a high value on education, supporting both public education and Friends Schools.  Friends also have a special concern for reform of the criminal justice system and the healing of both victims and offenders.

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