Update On the London Grove Oak Tree

Our 350-year-old London Grove Oak Tree gently fell to the ground on September 19, 2023. It had been a part of our Meeting family since at least 1682, when William Penn came to visit the Quaker pioneers who had settled in the area.

Commemoration of Our Oak

We have been greatly touched by the outpouring of love and commemorative stories people around the country have shared with us. We are gathering together these remembrances into a commemorative booklet, along with a listing of locations where offspring of our oak now reside.

We held a commemorative gathering to honor the tree and are looking into holding a one-year anniversary event fall 2024.

To contribute to these activities, contact: londongroveclerk@verizon.net

Distribution of our oak’s smaller wood pieces

All our mid-size branches (10”-12” diameter) have now been distributed. Still available: Some small 1” -2” branches for people looking to create jewelry; a large quantity of 4”-10” branches suitable for small, crafted items such as candle holders and small bowls. We would love for people to send us photos of their completed wood projects!

Distribution of wood from the trunk and large branches

The main trunk and the very large branches (14” and up) are being planked and need to dry from one to four years before they will be ready for distribution.

Only fifteen 20’ long planks were able to be cut from the main trunk. In three-four years these will go to educational or public artistic locations, not to private individuals; contact us if your organization is interested in one of these.

The largest branches are being planked this winter and will take one-two years drying time before distribution. We will do a public notice when we know the yield. Interest in this historic wood is greater than the quantity available. Please fill out the application form below, providing your connection to the Meeting or the wood world along with your specific plan and level of crafting ability.

Eleven dating cookies (cross sections) were cut and ten have been given to educational institutions. Following drying time of one-two years, these will be on display. At that time there will also be one available for loan to educational organizations.

Wood distribution inquiries: LondonGroveOak@gmail.com

Please fill out the application form and return to LondonGroveOak@gmail.com

    Penn Oak Wood Use

    Penn Oak Tree History

    Shared Photo Album

    Here is our beginning of a photo album, it is a shared Google Photos Album with public view option turned on. It is not the location for the public to upload (stay tuned for details).