London Grove Friends Meeting was established in 1714 and we celebrated our 300th Anniversary in 2014.  Over the centuries our meeting and members have developed our faith and practice and created a wide network of bonds with our local communities and across the world.

London Grove Meetinghouse Image

Our grounds are also home to a treasured 400+ year old white oak tree, known as the London Grove Oak.

Our meetinghouse and grounds are lovingly cared for and regularly used for worship, meeting functions, family celebrations, weddings, community events, recitals and more.   

Please join us for worship or any public events held at London Grove Meeting.   In 2014 we held a special series of events to celebrate our 300th Anniversary including lectures, forums, musical performances, tours and a very special dinner.  We continue to have events each year that are open to the public. We welcome your participation: Calendar and Directions.

Throughout our history, our meeting has established many helpful services and popular events that benefit community members and the world.

  • The London Grove Friends Kindergarten was established over 50 years ago and thrives to this day.  Parents are attracted to our caring environment for their children.
  • Our annual Plant Sale has ended. This long tradition was held on the first Saturday of May. It brought thousands of people to a wonderland of annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, shrubs and other plants available for purchase.  All proceeds of the Plant Sale were contributed to community and service organizations.  People come early and stayed to enjoy fellowship and refreshment with one another.
  • Helen Corson Peace Awards are presented each year by the London Grove Peace & Social Justice Committee to area high school seniors who exemplify the virtues and ideals of our member Helen Corson, who devoted her life to the interests of world peace. The ad-hoc Helen Corson Biography committee has set up a Helen Corson website at It makes accessible a number of core documents and a page regarding The Vigil at Detrick. There is a link to a 1982 Meeting publication Friends of London Grove, a collection of biographies and memorials of 18 London Grove Friends. The most recent of these biographies is that of Helen Corson and was written by Helen Walton who knew her well. This is one example of Quaker Testimonies and Values.

These are but a few examples of how London Grove members are engaged in the community and world, giving life to our Quaker faith and practice.


The work of Quaker meetings is done by members and attenders working together on Committees. Being in community with one another is essential to our spiritual beliefs. Quaker Committees conduct work in the “manner of Friends,” meaning that work is always done with attention to the divine spirit and love for one another.

At London Grove, our work is done by people who contribute their talents and time to the following Committees. Adults and children alike help with the work of the meeting. “Many hands make light work.”

  • Auditors
  • Burial Grounds
  • Care & Membership
  • Community Outreach
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Kindergarten
  • Library
  • Meeting Inreach
  • Memorials
  • Music
  • Nominating
  • Peace & Social Justice
  • Property
  • Religious Education
  • Trustees
  • Worship & Ministry